Business Incubator

Have a business idea and want to get started? Amsterdam is heaven for start-ups! Convenient location, international environment, easy access to the European market!

The Business Incubator of the Netherlands Education Group invites talented people from around the globe to come to Amsterdam and develop your start-up here!

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What do we offer

Assisting with a Start-up visa

We can provide a facilitator who will help you to receive a start-up visa to allow you to stay in the Netherlands for one year (here you can read the details about the start-up visa)


We will provide you with a mentor able to guide you through developing your start-up.

Professional Consultation

We will put you in touch with the professionals who will be able to assess your project and give relevant recommendations


We will help you to build a strong network in the scope of your professional interests


We will provide you with a convenient place where you can work on your idea


We will assist you with finding the accommodation in Amsterdam

Moreover, we will assist with other practical matters – insurance, mobile phone provider etc.  These are all the questions you need to solve while moving to another country. We will help you with that!

During the program, the you will have a unique opportunity to create connections, find partners, and acquire your first real clients. Connecting with mentors and professionals always help to boost any idea!

Join us and make new connections, learn from other businesses! Come with an open mind, be ready to listen and practice, and have an elevator pitch about your startup. The startup incubator program is all about learning. Take the most from your mentors in every single aspect.

Our Business Incubator is a perfect place to develop your start-up! We will share with you our knowledge and experience in order to help you to achieve the goals! It is time to gain a general idea of the whole business!

Please note – the residence in our Business Incubator is not free. A1-year residence fee is between €4 000 and €12 000 depending on the types of services you would request.

If you are interested in feel free to use that form


Or just send an email to and  indicate “Business Incubator” as a subject.