Business Developer

The Netherlands Education Group (Stichting Libertas International) is an educational institution registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We began in 2010 and have since become one of the leaders in the field of additional education for foreign students and professionals in the Netherlands.

We are currently seeking individuals who can strengthen our team!

We are initiating a new project wherein we will invite professionals from companies in the Netherlands to share their knowledge and skills with professionals working in similar fields abroad. We are in search of someone who can assist us in developing this project in their respective country.

What will you be responsible for?

You will identify companies in your country/region that may be interested in receiving knowledge from their counterparts abroad. You will establish contact with these companies, conduct research on their needs and requests, and use that information to enhance the platform where knowledge exchange will take place. Additionally, you will collaborate with Dutch companies that offer exchange opportunities.

You will begin working in your home country and later relocate to the Netherlands to continue your work here.

Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: You apply for the program. We will conduct a selection process, and if you are chosen, you will receive an invitation to join the project.
  • Step 2: You commence preparations for the project, requiring 15–20 hours per week.
  • Step 3: You apply for a visa to come to the Netherlands.
  • Step 4: Upon arrival in Amsterdam, you will commence work on the project.


  • Fluent English
  • Strong communication skills
  • The ability to work remotely from home before arriving in the Netherlands
  • The flexibility to travel to the Netherlands for a period of 1 year or longer to work on the project

We will provide:

  • Visa assistance, including documents to support your visa application
  • Shared accommodation in Amsterdam
  • A monthly allowance to cover your living expenses in the Netherlands
  • A bonus based on the results of your work

Expenses that we do not cover:

  • Visa costs: You must apply for a visa at the Consulate and bear all visa-related expenses.
  • Travel costs: You are responsible for purchasing your ticket to the Netherlands.
  • Pre-arrival costs in the Netherlands: We do not provide an allowance or cover any expenses before your arrival in the Netherlands.

If you are interested, please email with “Business Developer” as the subject. Be sure to include the following attachments with your email:

  • Your CV (resume)
  • Your plan on how you can develop the project in your region

Please note that applications without an email containing both a CV and a project development plan will not be considered. Applicants of any age and from any country are welcome to apply for the position.

If you are from outside the EU, you will need a visa to work in the Netherlands. We will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation for a start-up visa. It’s important to note that while we will support you throughout the application process, the Consulate is the authority that ultimately decides on visa issuance based on your provided documents and background. We cannot guarantee a 100% approval rate for visas. We recommend contacting the nearest Consulate of the Netherlands for further information on the visa process to better prepare for your application.