BrainShare is a unique platform where you can find professionals in different fields who can share their knowledge! They can teach you the subject you want to learn, they can consult you on the topic of your specialization.

Whom can you find here?



Do you want to learn and look for someone who could teach you? Here you can find a specialist who has knowledge and skills in the field you are interested in. This specialist can teach you! You do not need to go to any training center and pay fees for a study program. You do not need group courses where you will have minimum attention from a teacher. Here You can find your individual tutor. You want to learn programming but don’t know where to start? Find a tutor here, make a study plan and learn! Do you want to get knowledge in another field? Find a tutor with the relevant experience and start studies! You can decide how many lessons you need and how deep you want to go into the subject. 



If you need a consultation in a particular field – that is the place to find a real expert who could provide a consultation! Are you facing a problem at work and need a short consultation from a lawyer – no need to go to a law firm and pay!. You can ask your question directly to a specialist and receive a comprehensive answer. You need a professional in another field who would be available for a short or detailed consultation – you can find that person here!  



Are you applying for jobs and receive rejections again and again but still cannot understand the reason? Maybe your CV is not made in accordance with the standards accepted in the industry where you want to find a job. Or you do not include information that might be interesting to potential employers in your motivation letter. Or maybe you have a job but looking for a change and do not know where to find it? Or you want to begin your start-up and looking for a mentor to guide you? You can find here professional recruiters to obtain the tips of successful job search as well as career coaches to advance your career. Here you can find professionals who can guide you on your start-up journey and help to develop your business. You can find coaches who have real practical experience!

Here you can find the professionals who offer their services! You can see actual fees and contact them directly!