BrainShare: Tutors/Teachers Online

We are hosting a project BrainShare where professionals in different fields offer their services in teaching the subjects, providing consultations, and in other areas. If you are a professional and would like to offer your services – you are welcome to contact us, send your CV and we will post your profile in our database. You can let us know which services you offer and how much you would like to charge for those services. We will post that information in our database. Posting in the database is free of charge. When someone is interested in your services – they will provide the payment for your services in accordance with the rates that you chose for yourself. 

Requirements to tutors/teachers:

  • Professional level in the area where the services are offered.
  • Ability to provide the service online upon request

If you want to be listed, please email us and indicate “BrainShare Tutor/Teacher” as a subject.
Include the following information in the email:

  • Your detailed CV
  • List of services you offer and the rates 

We encourage candidates to determine fair fees for the services. We recommend starting with lower fees and after some students were interested in your service and you have a higher rating – you are welcome to raise your fees.