B2B Recruitment Specialist

One of the directions we are working in – we offer the services of Virtual Assistants. Virtual assistants are qualified specialists from different countries who offer their services in the field of administrative work, IT, and other areas. Here you can see the database of our virtual assistants.

We are looking for a Recruitment Specialist who could work on behalf of our organization and contact other companies and individuals offering the services of virtual assistants. It can be done in any convenient way and from any country.

Tasks of the recruitment specialist

The main task is to contact individuals and organizations and offer the services of virtual assistants

You can choose your own strategy and the way to organize your work. You are welcome to use the information from our website as well as produce additional advertisement materials.

What do we offer to recruitment specialists?

We offer a competitive commission for each customer you can find that would be interested in our virtual assistants.

Please note that we work on factual commission, so we provide commission payment only for customers that you find. If there are no customers – no payment is provided. That means that we don’t pay for the time you have spent or the costs you may bear. Payment is provided only after the actual customers make payment for virtual assistants’ services. The commission amount is calculated as a percentage of the amount of contract with the customer.

Who can apply for the position?

Any person who feels confident to perform this task!

How to apply?

Would you like to become our B2B Recruitment Specialist? Send your CV and motivation letter to info@tneg.nl and indicate “B2B Recruitment Specialist” in the subject. In case you are accepted for the position – you can start working and notifying us as soon as you have potential customers interested in virtual assistants.