3 Months Residency and Individual Work on Project

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Dates and Price


Do you have an idea of a start-up and want to reveal it? Or you already have your own business and want to learn how to develop it effectively and broaden your network? Or maybe are just interested in start-ups? Join our residential program!

Our residential program is individual and will be designed especially for you taking into account your personal learning needs what would you like to achieve during your stay. Before your arrival, we will discuss your intentions and prepare the syllabus accordingly:

If you don’t have an idea of a start-up but would like to learn how to get started – we will design the program where you could receive key knowledge and skills needed to start your own business.

You already have a start-up and want to learn how to develop it – we will prepare sessions to find the ways for improving your start-up.

>  You already have a start-up and just look for a network – we will guide you to broaden your network, find new partners and customers for your business

>  If you don’t have a start-up (or you are currently an employee in a company) and not sure if you would like to have one but still interested in that area – we will design the program where you can develop your creativity and entrepreneurship skills that also can be useful in a corporate environment.

The residential program is an opportunity to develop a lot of knowledge and skills to move you to the next level!


A 3-month program will provide you with the space for learning and developing your knowledge and skills as well as the opportunities for self-working on your ideas and using our network in order to advance your project!

The program consists of the following blocks:

Get knowledge and skills that are necessary for the successful development of a start-up. The exact topics of studies will depend on your personal learning needs. We will ask you in advance what you would like to learn and prepare the study materials accordingly.

You will be connected with an experienced mentor who will step by step go with you to your journey from the beginning. Mentor will guide on starting a business or developing an existing one.

Create your own network to develop awareness about your business. We will share tools, tips and tricks on creating a strong network to advance your business! You will find new partners and customers!

You will get the environment to work independently on your ideas and implement new knowledge and skills.

Dates and Price

The course is individual. It will be offered to you personally and you will be the only participant. And that is why you are welcome to choose any convenient dates*. Let us know the dates you would prefer, and we will plan the course for you accordingly. You can choose and negotiate almost any dates*.

Dates Price
3 months in Amsterdam € 3700
3 months in Moscow € 2800

*Please note the program should start on Sunday and finishes on Friday.

The price includes:

  • Program (including all the materials)
  • Accommodation (shared room for 2)
  • Guidance of a Mentor
  • Visa Invitation Letter

Tickets to and from The Netherlands are not included in the price.

  • Pick up from the airport – € 100
  • Drop off at the airport – € 100
  • Meals – € 250 per week

How to Apply

Please send an email to the following address: netherlandsinstitute@gmail.com

Please indicate the “3 Months Residency and Individual Work on Project (Start-Up School)” in the subject and provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • – Full name
  • – Nationality
  • – Date of birth
  • – Convenient dates of the program
  • – The reasons why you would like to join the program and your expectations
  • – Other wishes

Good command of English is required to attend the course.

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the program.
Please be aware, that we confirm registration only after the receipt of a guarantee deposit in the amount of 50% of the course fee. Please learn more about payment methods here.